Scotland’s National Animal Is A Unicorn

The national animal of Scotland is actually a unicorn which isn’t even a real animal. But why is Scotland’s national animal a unicorn? The unicorn is a symbol of purity and grace. The coat of arms of James VI of Scotland had 2 unicorns on it.

Scotland’s other national animal

Like many countries around the world Scotland actually has two national animals. While the most notable one is the unicorn, the other is the red lion. When he became king of both Scotland and England following the death of Queen Elizabeth I, James I combined the unicorn with the lion on the coat of arms. This was a powerful symbol as it was regarded that the lion and unicorn were mortal enemies.

For those who don’t know, the unicorn is a mythical horse like creature that has a horn protruding from the center of its head. It has been said that it possess magical abilities, is a symbol of purity and grace, and can only be tamed by a virgin. Some have even said that the horn can render poisonous water potable and heal the sick. It is little wonder that when choosing a symbol for their country that Scotland settled on the unicorn as its national animal.

It is common for countries to adopt a national animal that is synonymous with their identity or is a native animal to that country. Please, don’t anyone tell the Scottish that the unicorn isn’t real or the red lion isn’t native to the British isles.

Scotland isn’t the only country with a weird national animal. North Korea has one that is comparable to Scotland’s. Check it out here.  

Scotland's national animal