sleep tired funny

You may have read already about the Vietnamese man who has claimed that he has not slept since 1973. In that case his claims have not been verified by independent medical professionals. There is however another medically recorded incident where a man has gone decades without sleep. Paul Kern was a Hungarian soldier who fought during World War I. While he was serving on the front line he was shot in the head by a Russian soldier. The bullet removed part of his frontal lobe. After he was shot he was taken to Lemberg hospital, and once he woke from his injury he never slept again. A professor at the university of Budapest treated Kern for his condition, but was never able to determine the reason for his abnormality.

Paul Kern died in 1955, some 40 years after he suffered the gunshot wound that changed his life forever. He was the basis for a song by the American folk-pop band The Dimes who wrote a song called “Paul Kern Can’t Sleep”.