When one thinks of bull fighting one of the first items that comes into mind is the matadors red cape and a raging bull charging it in anger.

The common misconception is that the matadors red cape, called a muleta is red because it enrages a bull. This couldn’t be farther from the truth as bulls are colour blind. The Myth Busters even did a segment on this idea and proved that the colour of an item had no bearing whether or not a bull will charge it. To support this, the muleta isn’t even the only cape a matador uses in the bull fight. In the early part of the fight the matador uses a larger cape that is magenta on one side and gold or blue on the other side, and the bull charges it with equal frenzy.

So why then is the matadors cape red? The matadors cape is red to hide the blood splatters of the bull. It comes out in the final, gruesome end of the fight.