sea otters rapeSea otters, they may seem sweet and cute when they are holding hands while sleeping, but they also have a dark side, much like the original versions of fairy tales.

You see, sea otters rape and drown baby seals. We are not kidding either, sea otters actually do rape and drown defenceless baby seals. On numerous occasions they have been observed approaching baby seals, biting them and then dragging them out to sea and raping them. The rape can last for hours, and usually results in drowning the baby seal. But they don’t stop when the seal is dead either. They will continue to have sex with the deceased animal. They have even been known to have sex with a baby seal that has been dead for a week.

It is thought that the otters do this in frustration when they are unable to find a mate, so take out their frustrations on the hapless baby seal instead. The mating ritual resembles that of when a male otter copulates with a female otter. The female otter also runs a risk of drowning during intercourse.

If you thought that was bad, wait until you read about the crazy sexual exploits of penguins.